The Naukluft Hiking Trail is situated in the South of Namibia in the easternmost portion of the Namib Naukluft Park. The eight day hike covers 120km of undisturbed nature over a variety of terrain. The lowest point on the trail is at 1250m with the highest at 1950m above sea level. Hiking is limited to the period between 1 March and 31 October because of excessively high summer temperatures.

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General Information -

  • All hikes are subject to a medical report on each of the hikers being submitted to the nature conservator at the Naukluft Park Office. The necessary forms will be supplied upon reservation.
  • Hikes are undertaken at your own risk. Namibia Wildlife Resorts and the Government of Namibia accept no responsibility for injuries or accidents.
  • Groups must consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of twelve (12) people.
  • The 8-day trail covers 120km in a circular route with the first four days being the least strenuous.
  • The 4-day trail covers approximately 58km starting at the main campsite and ending at the Tsams Ost shelter. Hikers wishing to exit at this point must make their own transport arrangements.
  • Vehicles can be left at the starting point as well as at the Tsams Ost shelter where the 4-day trail ends. 8-Day hikers may also leave a vehicle with additional supplies for the last four days at Tsams Ost shelter. Generally these vehicles are quite safe, but you leave them there at your own risk.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, start the hike at Tsams Ost.
  • The going is dry and hot. You must carry a waterbottle (preferably 2litres) and use water sparingly.
  • Fires are not permitted, so you will need a camping stove.
  • Underfoot is hard, steep in places and rocky. Need we say that you want to use only the best in hiking boots.
  • Overnight temperatures may drop to freezing. Warm clothing is essential.
  • Snakes and scorpions do occur in the area, and you are advised to be on your guard at all times.
  • Apply the old hiker's law of "TAKE ONLY PHOTOGRAPHS, AND LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS ". Smokers are required to carry their cigarette butts out with them, and all refuse is to be carried to the nearest refuse bins at the following points:- Ubusis-, Tsams Ost-, Die Valle- and Tufa-shelters, as well as the main camp.
  • The overnight shelters offer water, toilets and the use of a stone hut.

Trail information -

8-Day trail [the first four days make up the 4-Day Trail]

  • Day 1 - Starting at the main Campsite, an easy 14km hike with only two fairly steep ascents. You are rewarded with magnificent views of the valley some 300m below. A shower awaits you at the overnight shelter at Putte, after a relatively easy six-hour hike.
  • Day 2 - 15Km of mainly undulating ground. You descend into Ubusis kloof where chains have been anchored in the rock where negotiation would otherwise be difficult. At the end of a six-hour hike, you may be surprised by the Ubusis shelter, which used to be a holiday cottage.
  • Day 3 - After backtracking to 'Bergpos', the day's hike is a comfortable 12km across the plateau. The chances of spotting Kudu and Zebra are very good. Four to six hours hiking brings you to the Adlerhorst shelter.
  • Day 4 - A 17km hike takes you along the Tsams River gorge with one steep ascent to bypass a waterfall. A number of beautiful springs greet you shortly before the Tsams Ost shelter. You should manage this day's hike in six to seven hours. [This then is where the 4-day hike ends]
  • Day 5 - 17Km which should take six to seven hours take you up an initial steep ascent up 'Broekskeur' after which the trail meanders through patches of euphorbias and quiver-trees. Water bottles can be replenished at 'Fonteinpomp', which is about one third of the way to Die Valle shelter.
  • Day 6 - Climbing steeply, the trail brings you to the top of the 'Die Valle' waterfall which is some 200m high. Although normally dry, it is still a magnificent sight. A total of 16km in about six hours' hiking gets you to the Tufa shelter for the night.
  • Day 7 - A steep ascent up a well-vegetated kloof presents another waterfall which is scaled with the help of chains. Today you reach 'Bakenkop', the highest point on the trail from where you look down at the Tsondap river valley 600m below. A five hour hike over 14km brings you to the Kapokvlakte shelter.
  • Day 8 - The final 16km should take about five hours hiking, culminating in crystal clear pools about 40 minutes away from the end. No doubt you will enjoy a swim at this stage. This also forms part of the day trail, and returns you to the campsite where you started.

Note - Days 7 and 8 can be combined. This should only be attempted by extremely fit hikers.

Reservations -
All reservations may be made with the Central Reservations Office of Namibia Wildlife Resorts Ltd at :-

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