The National Flag of The Republic of Namibia
The National Flag of Namibia shall be rectangular in the proportion of three in the length to two in the width, tierced per bend reversed, blue, white and green; the white bend reversed, which shall be one third of the width of the flag, is charged with another of red, one quarter of the width of the flag. In the upper hoist there shall be a gold sun with twelve straight rays, the diameter of which shall be one third of the width of the flag, with its vertical axis one fifth of the distance from the hoist, positioned equidistant from the top edge and from the reversed bend. The rays, which shall each be two fifths of the radius of the sun, issue from the outer edge of a blue ring, which shall be one tenth of the radius of the sun.


Implementation of this Constitution
1. On the day of Independence, the Secretary-General of the United Nations shall administer to the President, elected in terms of Article 134 hereof, the oath or affirmation prescribed by Article 30 hereof.
2. The President shall appoint the Prime Minister and administer to him or her the oath or affirmation set out in Schedule 2 hereof.
3. The President shall administer to the first Judges of Namibia, appointed under Article 138(1) hereof, the oath or affirmation set out in Schedule 1 hereof.
4. On the day determined by the Constituent Assembly the National Assembly shall first meet, at a time and at a place specified by the Prime Minister.
5. The members of the National Assembly, with the Prime Minister as Chairperson, shall:


take the oath or affirmation prescribed by Article 55 hereof before the Judge-President or a Judge designated by the Judge President for this purpose;


elect the Speaker of the National Assembly.
6. The National Assembly, with the Speaker as Chairperson, shall:


elect a Deputy-Speaker;


conduct such business as it deems appropriate;


adjourn to a date to be determined by the National Assembly.
7. The rules and procedures followed by the Constituent Assembly for the holding of its meetings shall, mutatis mutandis, be the rules and procedures to be followed by the National Assembly until such time as the National Assembly has adopted rules of procedure and standing orders under Article 59 hereof.

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